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Futurity & 5D Archive

April 23, 24 & 25, 2021 Heber City UT
Paid out over $84,000.00 

KK Run for Vegas Qualifiers
Senior Allie Shields & Morgan Beckstrom,
Junior Izzy Coughlin and Quincy Ballard
KK Results are on FastEnter. Thank you for coming to Heber City!

Event photographer - PixelWorx - Thank you Cree and Bailey, your work is exceptional!

Saturday: Kate Quast and EB Bank On Money won the High Stakes $702.00. The High Stakes paid out $12,200.Jill Atkinson and JR Parker won the open 5D with the fast time for Saturday 16.154 earning $1305.Saturday Open paid out $25,400. 
Sunday: Hailey Wolfe and Iron Eyes Rio Bravo won the open running a 16.295 for $1078.00 and won the open 1D Average.
Sunday Open paid out $21,016

July 16, 17 & 18, 2021, Heber City UT

RMP UBRA 2D $6000 added Futurity
Jones Paint and Glass $10,000 added Open 5D & More
$21,200 Added Cash

Event photographer Cree Futrell - PixelWorx 
Live Webcast by Derek Dowsett

1D Futurity Top 10 Average

1D-1st Terri Wood Gates Alice Olivia $1,490.00

1D-2nd Cheyenne Hattesen Fairlea mr Elwood $1,219.00

1D-3rd Blythe Beshears Rockin John Wick $903.00

1D-4th Sarah Rose Waguespack Roses Roan Ranger $587.00

1D-5th Sue Smith Diamond Center $316.00

1D-6th Stacy Glause Heza Swift Spyder

1D-7th Bj Stokes Gray hammer

1D-8th Mckinlee Kellett Marla Hooch

1D-9th Jessi Cronquist AnnieAintLDS

1D-10th Melanie Adams SmokeNBunker


2D Futurity Average

2D-1st35.051 Mckinlee Kellett Fabs Dash Of Fame$993.00

2D-2nd35.160 Brandy McPhee Guys Storm Cloud$813.00

2D-3rd35.173 Annette Dickamore Devine Fling $602.00

2D-4th35.228 Kaycee Ferrin Down by the creek$391.00

2D-5th35.237 Jessica Miller LJ royal quick dash$211.00

July 2020 Paying out $91,312.00 + Futurity $23,097.00

Future Fortunes Incentive $10,000 Saturday, Royal Crown Incentive $5000 Sunday

Vauna Walker and CBC Speeding Goodbye, 1D Futurity Average Champs

Timi Lickley and BCK Chase N Fame 2D Futurity Average Champs

Derek Dowsett - Off Topic Photography, our Live webcasts producer has your run videos for sale 

John Golom - our event photographer, View your pics here also see him on Instagam and FaceBook


2019 Futurity & 5D

April 26, 27 & 28, 2019
Wasatch County Events Center,

415 Southfield Road, Heber City UT

Futurity Live Webcast by Derek Dowset - Off Topic Photography

See our FaceBook Page for Saturday and Sunday's Futurity Webcast

Futurity 1D Average Champion

Taylor Hildreth on JL Prissys Roc

Futurity 2D Average Champion

McKensy Topham on Free to Be Sampson

April 27, 28 & 29 2018 Results

Thank you for coming to Heber City!

Future Fortunes results will be finalized and paid by Future Fortunes. 

2017 Results
UBRA Futurity & 5D $19,000 Added Money
April 21, 22 and 23
Wasatch County Events Center

Thank you Western Edge Photography
Saturday Future Fortunes Results
Friday Results
Futurity / Amateur Side-pot Results
Youth Results
Saturday Open 5D and Side-pot Results
Sunday Open 5D and Side-pot Results
IFA $1000 Cash Target Race Results
Wendy Miller .001 - Fancy Poco Lady
  $1000, Andis Clippers & IFA Vets
Raylene Naveran .007 - Happy Gun
  Pop Up Barrels
Brandy Elegante .008 - LK Eyecon 
  Iconoclast Sports Boots
Open Average & Awards
Youth Average & Awards
$10,000 Future Fortunes Incentive in our Open 5D Saturday April 22nd
  • $5,000 Added 2D Futurity - Rocky Mountain Power
  • $10,000 Added Open 5D - AA Callister, $500 added 50+
    and $200 added stuck in the middle Side-pots

  • $200 Added Youth 3D - 15 & Under